General Information

Newsletters now available by clicking on the Cursillistas tab

Beginning in 2017, monthly newsletters are now available to be viewed on the BNCursillo website.  Simply click on the Cursillistas tab on this page, and then on the Cursillistas page click on Newsletters.  All the 2017 newsletters are now available there, and going forward we will retain the last 12 monthly newsletters.

Your Personal Contact Information

If any of your personal contact information has changed, including name, address, phone number(s), and/or email address, please send an email to with the new information, and we will update our records for you.  Be sure to include your full name. Note: our records are for individuals, which means we have 2 records for couples, 1 for each person.


Reunion Groups

If you are not in a reunion group, and want to join one, please contact Barb Fulk by phone (309-750-0234) or email (