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Lots of Little Ideals?

One of my favorite writers and journalists was Andy Rooney, who was part of the CBS “60 Minutes” TV show from 1978 to 2011. He was born in New York in 1919 and died in New York in 2011.  (Yep, he died few weeks after his last broadcast).  He had a short piece at the end of each show called, “A Few Minutes with Andy Rooney”.  Many times, he began with, “Have you ever wondered why?”  Like, “Have you ever wondered why the shopping cart you get at the supermarket is the one with broken rollers that are noisy and cause the cart to want to go in different directions?”  Or, how about “The word “vegetarian” is actually an old Indian word that means “poor hunter””.  My favorite (now at this time of my life) is, “It’s paradoxical that the idea of living a long life appeals to everyone, but the idea of getting old doesn’t appeal to anyone.”


Okay, back to the pretty picture at the top.  Yes, I chose it because all the trees in my neighborhood are beginning to look like this, but sadly there is no lake in my backyard to really enjoy the event.  I do have a female Jack Russel (Sandy) who loves to lie under my chair and fall asleep, feeling completely safe and happy.  


I am beginning to think that, while evaluating what my “Ideal” is after listening to Rollos about it, that I do not have just one Ideal.  I have a bunch of them.  Sorta like the pretty colors of the trees in the Fall.  Each kind of tree has the same colors, but other trees have different colors, all proclaiming who they are until the ground is covered by their leaves. Then they all look the same, old, wrinkled, cracked, dried out, not much life left in them.  All the leaves lived together in the forest from Spring through Summer, each having their own purpose, but a part of the overall forest. I feel like that at times.  I feel like I am glad I have lots of ldeals as a part of my life, and not just one ideal which would strive to overshadow all the other things that I am.  


Each of us are a lot of things, mother, father, sister, brother, grandparent, neighbor, fellow church member, gardener, golfer, even Cribbage player! So, I guess to answer the question, “What is your ideal?”, we must wade through all the aspects of who we are and decide what we want to motivate us the most, or the most often.  Maybe just being a child of God will fill that purpose.


Psalm 1 says, “…that the person is like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season.”  I think if we are not like my little dog all curled up in a circle, legs and tail all tucked under her, sleeping in peace and rest, our view of life will be like looking at the brown leaves on the ground.  We need to look up and see all the colors of our life which God has planted in us, which we have to recognize and properly tend.  He wants to sit in the chair and be our guide, and He wants us to lay under Him, under His eternal care and love!


Pease pray for the Women’s Cursillo team #1217 at 12:17 p.m. every day.  We need your prayers.  Only God can do God sized tasks!


Thank you and De Colores to all.  It truly is all about the colors!


Rev. Jack Moody #355


Apostolic Hour and Clausura Help



Reminder: you can now sign up online to help at the apostolic hour Mass and the clausura Mass.  Gift bearers, lectors, ushers, reader of table names, and Eucharistic ministers.

We still need gift bearers at the apostolic hour Mass on November 11.  Sign up if you would like to do that, or we'll recruit someone from the pews.
Thanks to all who signed up to help on November 11 and 12.
Questions? Call or text Mary Kay Robbins 815-600-0108 or email 

Palanca News

Dear Cursillo Family,


Last Men’s Cursillo we did a trial run of providing a virtual link to the Palanca chapel for community prayer from 10 PM to 6 AM on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights.  It was a huge success!  I am a night owl and I checked in and out 2-4 times each night and there were always at least 2 and sometimes up to 5 people online praying for our team and candidates!  We plan to continue this for the middle of the night Palanca from now on.  Day Palanca will still take place in person at the chapel.  To sign up, go to, password is 2grace.  Click on the Cursillistas, click on Palanca Sign up then choose your spot!


Please consider signing up for at least an hour of prayer time for Palanca this upcoming Women’s weekend.  It is quite easy to link up to the chapel if you choose a night slot.  Simply go to and in the search bar type BN Cursillo.  This will take you to our new web page.  Click on the live stream of the Palanca Chapel.  You should be able to see a list of candidates either posted or in the comments section should you wish to pray for them by name or provide a note to our new sisters in Christ.


Prayer support is so powerful in helping our team and candidates open their hearts and minds to the message Jesus has for them and assuring them of our love.  Thank you for your support of Cursillo.  


Love, Your Sister in Christ,


Lisa Legner, 

Palanca Chair

Women's Cursillo #1217


November 9 - 12, 2023


Holy Trinity Parish Center, 711 N Main Street, Bloomington, IL 61701




8:40 AM  IDEAL --------------------------------Deb Underhill (Jim)


10:00 AM  SANCTIFYING GRACE ------------ Fr Doug Hennessy


12:50 PM Lunch


2:00 PM  LAYMAN IN THE CHURCH ---------- Marianne Lasser (Dave)


3:20 PM  ACTUAL GRACE ---------------------Dcn Al Lundy (Sharon)


5:00 PM Dinner


6:45 PM  PIETY ----------------------------------Kathleen Ely (Charlie)




8:20 AM  STUDY ---------------------------------Cora Olsen (Josh)


9:35 AM  SACRAMENTAL GRACE -------------Dcn Gary Koerner (Connie)


11:50 PM Lunch


2:30 PM  ACTION ----------------------------------Leslie Peterson (Tom)


3:55 PM  OBSTACLES TO GRACE --------------Rev. Jack Moody


5:15 PM Dinner


6:10 PM  LEADERS --------------------------------Lisa Hurley (Matt)


7:30 – 9:00 PM Apostolic Hour - Holy Trinity Church




8:10 AM  ENVIRONMENT -------------------------Kim Weber (Todd)


8:55 AM  LIFE IN GRACE ----------------------Deacon Dan Froelich (Deb)


9:40 AM  CCIA -------------------------------------Mary Kay Robbins


10:35 PM  TOTAL SECURITY ---------------------Carol Burroughs


12:00 PM  FOURTH DAY -------------------------Chris Eder (Tom)


12:40 PM Agape Meal


3:00 PM Clausura - Holy Trinity Church


4:30 PM - Dismissal (No Social)




LaVonne Cunningham


Deb Froelich (Dan)


Dianne Lerman (Rick Pscuikawski)


Vanessa Schraufnagel


Mary Walker (Tony)




Rector ---------------------Carol Burroughs


Assistant ----------------- Mary Schiller (Don)


Assistant ----------------- Mary Jane Sheldon (Ray)


Technical Asst. ----------- Trisha Krylowicz (Martin)


Board Advisor ------------ Jana Schopp (Rusty)


Lay Coordinator ---------- Larry Mester (Mary)



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