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You Are Personally Responsible For The Quality Of Your Community”


This was a sign that hung in my childhood home. My father taught us by his actions and by little idioms that he would post around the house and change from time to time. “Give a man a fish and he eats for only a day, teach him to fish and he eats for a lifetime”, “Never judge a person until you have walked a Fortnite in his shoes”, “It’s not about the man in the fight but the fight in the man”. But of the dozen or more I remember, the one that seems to have made the greatest impression on me and my four brothers was the first that I mentioned. “You are personally responsible for the quality of your community.

My dad was a volunteer wrestling coach for our local YMCA, he was the Cub Scout Leader for our local Pack, he served on the school board, he organized the other dads in our neighborhood to hold an annual push cart race for the kids. And eventually he served our local parish as an ordained Deacon. I think his faith and values guided him to be involved his community and he wanted that example to be important to his five sons, so he placed his ‘motto’ on the wall of our home on small 5”x7” sign.

But it had a huge impact on us without a single lecture on the topic. In fact, I don’t recall us ever even asking about it.  This sign even had an effect on our mother who took on City Hall and served as an elected alderman for 16 years.

My brothers and I all ended up in various church ministries, serving as public safety officers, scout leaders, union representatives, and other activities as servant leaders for our civic, work, and religious communities.

I bring this up because our Cursillo community needs YOU to help keep it functioning. We are stronger and even more effective with your presence, and far weaker in your absence. 

 We need YOU, not just on Cursillo weekends (for which we need many more volunteers), but also for the spiritual and moral support of our candidates at the Apostolic Hours, and Clausuras. Your participation makes a huge difference in the life of this community of which you are a vital part.  Please give thoughtful and prayerful consideration to what Cursillo does and how it works, and understand that Cursillo only happens when everyone helps. “Christ is depending on you”.

May God bless you always, and in all ways,

Deacon Al



Upcoming Diocesan Ultreya


Saturday, October 28 at 6pm


Holy Trinity Church, Bloomington



Volunteers for November Cursillo       


We are still in need of many volunteers for Kitchen, Palanca and Security.  If you have the capacity, please consider helping us fill some of these remaining slots. 

New Electronic Sign Ups For Apostolic Hour and Clausura Masses


If you want to be involved at the apostolic hour and clausura masses, you can now sign up online for various roles: usher, lector, reader of table names, gift bearers, and Eucharistic Ministers.  You will be contacted to confirm the details closer to the weekend.

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The apparel store is being held open until after the next women's weekend in November, so don't hesitate to get your Bloomington Normal Cursillo wear before it closes.

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