Clergy Corner 


Here we are in the first full week of December and many have begun their Christmas preparations.  I’ve seen many colored lights outlining roofs, trees and shrubs blanketed with lights and many yards and parks donning some of our favorite Christmas characters.  I know many people who have their Christmas tree up.   Of course, there’s the shopping, which now-a-days seems to occur year-round, that is ramping up in earnest now that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are behind us.  We really do put a lot of time and effort into fussing with decorations, wrapping gifts, and stressing about the gatherings leading up to that big day when the man in the funny red suit and snow-white beard will come.  

All this muss and fuss is fine as long as we also remember that we are in the season of Advent.  Also, a time of preparation, Advent is when we must be preparing ourselves.  Spiritually and faithfully, we must examine our hearts, our relationships and our connection with God.  Instead of getting all wrapped up in our secular activities and devoting our focus to those things; we must divert some of our energy and time to that which is truly most important.  Preparation for the greatest gift of all, Jesus Christ.

Preparing our minds and hearts to receive and welcome this unimaginable gift of LOVE from our very creator means we must allow our hearts to be softened.  Allowing them to be receptive, open to forgiving and to be forgiven.  Often one of our greatest challenges is forgiving ourselves, but fortunately for us God sent his Son or should I say gifted us with infinite GRACE.  All we have to do is accept the gift with humble contrite hearts.

As we march on, ever closer to that BIG day when we once again remember and celebrate the “Nativity of our Lord” let us actively prepare our hearts to receive the “Light of the World.”  The light that never fades!

May you all have a fruitful Advent and a very BLESSED and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Deacon Gary



Ultreya December 10


The next Bloomington Ultreya will be on December 10 at St Patrick Church of Merna.


Music by Rezound starting at 6:30pm.


Mass at 7:00pm.


There will be a time of food and fellowship following the Ultreya.

Help With Music Ministry


With the return of Cursillo comes the return of a variety of volunteer opportunities…Cursillo MUSIC MINISTRY would LOVE your involvement!!!  Our “Choir” sings for several of the Cursillo weekend liturgies and also there is small group and/or solo opportunities throughout the weekend.  If you are interested in helping out with this ministry, either as a singer, playing an instrument or both contact Jana Schopp,  The only talent required is a JOYFUL HEART!


Cursillo Badges


We have a new vender for Cursillo name badges and a new price of $9.50 for either magnet or pin backs. When a batch of badges is shipped to us, I will bring them to subsequent Cursillo events for pickup. If you prefer that your badge, be mailed to your home address, please include $3.00 for postage.  Thank you! Barb Fulk 309- 750-0234 or



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