Clergy Corner 


Women’s Cursillo #1202 Thursday November 10 – Sunday November 13.

Join us Tuesday night 11/8 6:30 for the anointing mass at Holy Trinity.

Please Note the following changes:


Thursday night:

Registration: 6:00 – 6:30 at Historic St. Patrick’s Parish Hall

Sponsor’s Hour: 6:30 Historic St. Patrick Church 

All other events and times for the weekend are the same as usual EXCEPT dining will occur in the conference room.  Meal preparation will be in Holy Trinity Church basement kitchen and then transported to conference room.  


ALL KITCHEN WORKERS FRIDAY – SUNDAY must access the kitchen through the back door.  The elevator to the basement and any other entrance to the basement will be inaccessible. 

Sunday Clausura and candidate pickup will be at Holy Trinity Church.  



As we all know the weekend is more than the team.  It takes many faithful and committed people to make a weekend successful.  Remember we are the hands and feet of God here on earth. He calls each of us to use our gifts and talents to Glorify Him and advance His Kingdom.  He has infused each of us with the Holy Spirit, just as He did his Apostles on that first Pentecost, to carry on His good work here on earth.  

Please go out to our website ( signup for any of the open slots for Security, Palanca, Kitchen, Facilities.  We have many available opportunities.




Deacon Gary


Speaking of Ultreyas


The next Bloomington Ultreya will be on December 10 at St Patrick Church of Merna.


Music by Rezound starting at 6:30pm.


Mass at 7:00pm.


There will be a time of food and fellowship following the Ultreya.

Help With Music Ministry


With the return of Cursillo comes the return of a variety of volunteer opportunities…Cursillo MUSIC MINISTRY would LOVE your involvement!!!  Our “Choir” sings for several of the Cursillo weekend liturgies and also there is small group and/or solo opportunities throughout the weekend.  If you are interested in helping out with this ministry, either as a singer, playing an instrument or both contact Jana Schopp,  The only talent required is a JOYFUL HEART!


Cursillo Badges


We have a new vender for Cursillo name badges and a new price of $9.50 for either magnet or pin backs. When a batch of badges is shipped to us, I will bring them to subsequent Cursillo events for pickup. If you prefer that your badge, be mailed to your home address, please include $3.00 for postage.  Thank you! Barb Fulk 309- 750-0234 or



Women's Cursillo #1202

November 10 - 13, 2022

Holy Trinity Parish Center, 711 N Main Street, Bloomington, IL 61701


8:40 AM  IDEAL -------------------------------Deb Underhill

10:00 AM  SANCTIFYING GRACE ------------ Fr Doug Henessey

1:00 PM Lunch

2:00 PM  LAYMAN IN THE CHURCH ---------- Terese Kunze 

3:20 PM  ACTUAL GRACE ---------------------Sr Subha Ramesh

5:10 PM Dinner

6:45 PM  PIETY --------------------------------- Kathy Vanetten 


8:20 AM  STUDY -------------------------------Kathleen Ely 

9:55 AM  SACRAMENTAL GRACE -------------Dcn Gary Koerner 

12:30 PM Lunch

2:30 PM  ACTION -------------------------------Leslie Peterson 

4:00 PM  OBSTACLES TO GRACE --------------Rev. Jack Moody

5:20 PM Dinner

6:10 PM  LEADERS -----------------------------Barb Fulk 

7:30 – 9:00 PM Apostolic Hour - Holy Trinity Church


8:10 AM  ENVIRONMENT -----------------------Carol Burroughs 

8:55 AM  LIFE IN GRACE -----------------------Dcn Bob Hermes 

9:40 AM  CCIA ----------------------------------Colleen Waltrip 

10:35 PM  TOTAL SECURITY -------------------Donna Zvonar 

11:55 PM  FOURTH DAY ------------------------Theresa Witte 

12:40 PM Agape Meal

3:00 PM Clausura - Holy Trinity Church

4:30 PM - Dismissal (No Social)


 Liby Andrews

Karen Defrees 

Rachael Kerrick-Brucker 

Trisha Krylowicz 

Kathy Marifjeren

Lori Ried 



Rector ---------------------Donna Zvonar 

Assistant ----------------- Becky Craven 

Assistant ----------------- Tara Barth

Technical Asst. ----------- Melissa Streitmatter 

Board Advisor ------------ Tara Barth 

Lay Coordinator ---------- Larry Mester 



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